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07 July 2016 @ 03:02 am
Afterthoughts: Orange (2015) - Live Action Movie  
I watched the movie I think a few weeks back, and I loved it! :'D

Prior to watching the movie, I did not (still have not) read the source material and the anime wasn't out yet, so I went into the movie only knowing that the manga is good, and whatever info there was from mydramalist.

I like how when Naho (Tsuchiya Tao) and the whole gang start changing history and being there for Kakeru (Yamazaki Kento), he didn't exactly change how he felt about his situation, and even up till the last moment there was still a possibility he might have comitted suicide. How Kakeru acted throughout the whole movie really resonated with me. Even though there are many good things happening and we should always look forward, it's just not that easy to look away from the negative and pretend like it never happened. Especailly in his case, his last moments with his mum were bad and he never got to see her again. I can't even imagine the guilt he feels for it. We all know it's not his fault and whatever he said was probably just in the heat of the moment and he didn't truly mean it, but it doesn't change the fact that it was said. There's always some truth in whatever you say, especially in situations like that.

When you get sad, it's reaaaaally hard to get out of that funk, and it's really important to be able to snap out of it. So when he was riding his bicycle at the end, and remembered all the good things which prevented him from walking into death's arms, oh my days... the sense of relief I felt. :'D

I saw some complaints over on the tumblr for jdramaconfessions about Tsuchiya Tao's acting which I thought were a bit harsh, and IMO, it was a bit awkward the way she chose to portray a sweet and quiet character, but in no way did it ruin the whole movie. :o I've only ever seen her in Omukae Death (I enjoyed this drama btw! :3) and Orange (and voice acting in Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, hehe) so I can't really give a fair judgement, but I think it's more cause Tsuchiya is still pretty new to the acting scene, so yeah... I'd cut her some slack. XD

I especially enjoyed king-of-shoujo-adaptations YamaKen and Ryusei Ryo's (Suwa) portrayals. *___* YamaKen nailed shy boy well,

and Ryusei as Suwa made me want to have a bro like Suwa as well. Suwaaaaa ♥

I usually don't rewatch stuff unless I personally think it's really good (and also mainly cause there's just so many other new things to watch... XD), and I've a feeling I'll definitely rewatch this movie. :Db

PS, the anime adaptation is currently airing for Summer, so I'm re-destroying myself by picking that up, and then I will re-destroy myself one more time after Summer, when I read the manga. (hahahaha)
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