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17 January 2016 @ 11:59 pm
Afterthoughts: Enoshima Prism (2013)  

Well one thing's for sure, my expectations of the movie were pretty off. (lol)

Tbh, the only thing I knew going into this movie was: Fukushi Sota travels back in time. Yeah. Yeah. That's all I knew about it. (hahaha) I actually had the movie on my to-watch list ever since I found subs for it, but it's just been on the back-burner forever cause... priorities in fandom life have changed. (lololol)

For the most part of the movie, I was enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. The pacing was good, the relationship between the three MCs were nice to watch, the comedy was alright... (At one point, I was thinking to myself that this is how Koinaka should've been! The story would've fit so much better as a movie/SP, ;_____;) But then the story decided to go all jeng jeng jeng, and my emotions got all confused... .___. XD

I'll give it this: nice plot twist.

When Kyoko-san (Honoka Miki) told Shuta (Fukushi Sota) the consequences of changing the past, I couldn't accept it cause, it didn't make sense. Why would saving Saku (Nomura Shuhei) from a heart attack = ALL memories of the 3 of them - which includes memories even before the heart attack - completely wiped out? I mean logically speaking, the only parts of the future that will change is from the point Saku doesn't die. The past should not be affected. So to me, when this obstacle was introduced, I kind of just detached from the movie a little, cause it felt like unnecessary drama (which my brain couldn't logic) added to come up with a bittersweet ending... Not cool, not cool.

But I've had some time to think about it since finishing the movie, and perhaps this is what it meant: In exchange for changing fate, you will have something precious to you taken away. In this case, the memories. Ok scriptwriters-san, this I can roll with. That being said, Shuta is a good bro. I don't blame the dude for hesitating a little when he had to choose between the memories or Saku's life, even though we all know the right thing to do is to save Saku's life. If Shuta had been selfish... :/

Shuta's selfless decision is a huge relief. HUGE. Can you imagine if you're Shuta? You find out the letter Michiru (Honda Tsubasa) gave to Saku was actually an indirect love confession to yourself (when all along, the audience were led to believe Michiru likes Saku), and then you remember Saku running for his life to catch Michiru before she left for England, but got a heart attack while running halfway and died, which could've been prevented if you didn't give the letter to Saku / took his bicycle??? What about Michiru? She probably also felt responsible because she was the one Saku was running for, and there was really no need for it... Scriptwriter-san, that's dark. D:

Other notes:
- Was the shower scene necessary though? Is it just fan service for the Fukushi Sota fans? (lolol)
- Michiru should've told Shuta and Saku face to face about leaving to England. By letter? C'mon Michiru.

I initially had mixed feelings about this movie after I finished, but all in all I would say it was alright. (Y)
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K.L #ForeverBeMecatherinepryde_ on June 11th, 2016 04:37 pm (UTC)
Nice reviews!
Dear Kay,

Thank you for this review. I really agree with the ideas you pointed out. I had pretty much the same feeling as yours. Thank you so much for the explanation about why Shuta should give up all the memories to save Saku. I was kind of frustrated with scriptwriter at first (Shuta looked so miserable in the end and because I'm a huge fan of Sota, I felt my heart crushed in pieces huhu ;___;). The girl is to be blamed fufufufufu. Same thing happened when I watch Koinaka played by this trio, the lead girl is always ... meh.

Look forwards to read more of your reviews about Fukushi Sota's works!

Kay ★: oguri shunky09 on June 12th, 2016 06:01 am (UTC)
Re: Nice reviews!
ikr! Shuta is such a good kid doing what he did. ;____; ♥

Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment! :D