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03 January 2016 @ 03:30 am
Flail!: Johnny's Countdown 2015-2016  
I can't find a way to describe how I feel after watching the latest JCD, but it's something along the lines of: as;fmpeojf[wqjfqodvlm3r0lkmcvkfskfw'aslc;

I loved the whole thing. :'D Getting fans to vote for what song they wanna hear each group sing and the two-shot dream collaboration is one of JE's best ideas ever. XD Collabs between JE groups are (fire emoji) to me, so JCD is like my Christmas x10. (hahaha) I've already watched the whole thing twice (it's currently playing in the background as I'm typing this actually, LOL), and... just... aaaaaah. There's so many things to scream about like:

1. They really weren't kidding when they said it was the biggest gathering in their 16 year history. (lol) I FLIPPED when Yuma, Uchi and Yara came on. Did not expect to see them, it was really niceee. :'D

2. Of course, Yamapi's surprise appearance at the end. (fire emoji) It was the first thing I knew about JCD actually, and I got to watch the Seishun Amigo perf before the whole concert cause it was shared over at _yamapi. Kame's hug at the end OMG my heart ♥ Someone mentioned on twitter that Pi said since he hadn't been performing for 2 years, he missed having fans "kyaaaa" for him and I'm just?! ;_________; ♥

3. All the Top 5 two-shots were great, but personally FumaSho and MatsuFumi gave me the most feels. :'D Fuma looked so so SO happy during the whole collab. I'm so happy for you Fuma. :'D I saw tweets from fans saying he was wearing the watch Sho gave to him for the performance, and just... ugh. ♥ MatsuFumi's performance was EVERYTHING, cause they even did a little skit(?) where Fumi impersonated Jun first, and Jun was like "that doesn't look like me at all!" and then he danced the same choreo, and then they performed WISH together. aaaaahhhh. then when they finished, Jun gave Fumi a head rub, like "konno yaro" (ugly sobbing). I'm so happy for this two-shot collab cause Fumi himself was saying on the JCD SP that he wanted to work with Jun, so congrats Fumi, it happened. :'D

4. FANTASTIPO WAS PERFORMED AAAAAH. Nagase's awkward dancing was adorable. BLESS.

5. All groups singing other group's songs, but my absolute FAVOURITE was Kisumai singing Jump's Ultra Music Power, and Yokoo singing Chinen's line. Chinen's reaction in the VTR was so brilliant he looked like he was so proud and happy with Yokoo, fist pump and everything. ARGHHH :'D

6. The time allocated for KAT-TUN and KinKi Kids to do special medleys for their respective anniversaries. ♥ KAT-TUN sang Bokura no Machi de and I died a little inside cause... Koki... ;_______; Kinki's medley was pretty grand IMO cause they had professional backdancers and iirc they're the only ones who have them everytime they perform at JCD. XD The last song of their medley was Flower, and all the other JE groups came out to sing it together and I exploded ♥

7. I was surprised with Kitamitsu and Ohkura's collab, cause I knew nothing about their friendship and got curious as to why it ranked so high. I did some googling and found this and was like... ok, das sah cute. So when I watch their collab again, it's like ten times more (fire emoji) XD

My favourite JCD is the 2009-2010 one, but I think 2015-2016 maaaay have topped it. I can't decide. XD Aww I hope they do this two-shot thing again next time! It's such a great excuse to make rarepairs mingle together and give the fans a shit ton of FEELS. (hahaha) ♥
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